General Rules

The “Bloomingdale Parent ~ Teacher Association” will be referred to as the “Bloomingdale PTA” or “PTA” for all intents and purposes.


The PTA objectives will remain common with those of both the National PTA and the New Jersey PTA which are as follows: to promote the welfare of children in home, school and community, to raise standards of home life, to secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children, to bring into closer relationship home and school, to provide a forum for parents and teachers to cooperate intelligently in the education of children and to develop between educators and the general public united efforts towards the highest advantages in physical, mental and social education for all children.


Membership fee is paid annually and includes portion payable to both the New Jersey PTA and the National PTA. Membership cards are issued on an annual basis.

The privilege of holding office, introducing motions, debating and voting, shall be limited to members in good standing. Individuals must be current paid members of this local PTA to serve on committees and be entered into class parent selection held by this PTA. Members are entitled access to all rules, policies, and laws held by this PTA, as well as information regarding accounts, expenditures and income. All effort will be made to communicate any pertinent issues prior to a meeting which may be voted on, to offer all members the opportunity to be active in areas of their interest.


Executive Board Officers serving the PTA represent the total body of parents and teachers within this local District. Officers are to become familiar with, seek knowledge of positions being served and abide by the National and State guidelines as specified in Bylaws and Guidebooks. It is preferred, though not required, that officers have served as committee chairs and have been active participants in the PTA for at least two years. Further, it is recommended though not required, that those seeking president or vice president positions have served as a board officer a minimum of 1 year prior to seeking said position.

Responsibilities of local president are specified in President’s Guide and must be adhered to. The vice president(s) shall act as aides to the president and fulfill duties assigned by the president in accordance with the bylaws and standing rules. First vice president will assume the president’s duties in the event of the president’s resignation (until the position is filled in accordance with the bylaws). The president of this local PTA or his/her alternate may attend the annual convention of the New Jersey PTA. President is entitled to expense reimbursement of reasonable amount, determined prior to attendance by membership vote, to attend annual NJPTA Convention.  Officers, executive board members and chairs are encouraged to attend Passaic County and State PTA meetings, workshops and training to further the goals of this local PTA. While serving in Officer capacity, officer is entitled to 4th preference or higher in child’s/children’s class(es) as a class parent. (Rev.6/11 EB)

Annual PTA Budget and Audit Report:

Budget is planned by the Executive Board prior to first General meeting and proposed to Members for approval during meeting. The Audit Chair or committee member will report audit information from the previous year during first general membership meeting.


A cordial and respectful atmosphere is expected to be maintained and will allow a comfortable and open exchange of ideas and discussions.


All monies collected by PTA committee Chairs or Members must be given to the Treasurer immediately following the event or activity. No monies will be dispersed or reimbursed without required documentation or receipt of monies collected (if applicable). Original receipts, invoices, and/or copies thereof, must accompany any request for reimbursement. Cash transactions are discouraged and only permissible with prior approval from president and treasurer, any collected cash or receipts must be given to treasurer immediately following transaction.  (Rev. 06/06 EB)

In the case of returned checks, all participation in the event, and/or class parents privileges, may be suspended until all fees are repaid. (8/12 EB)

Recording Secretary:

Shall take minutes at all meetings , assure minutes are presented for approval, assist the president in preparing the agenda, bring a copy of the bylaws, procedures/standing rules, agenda, minutes of previous meeting including treasurer’s report to all meetings, and act as custodian of all records except those specifically assigned to others. (Rev. 06/06 EB)

Retiring Teachers and Staff:

We recognize and appreciate the years of dedicated service to the children of Bloomingdale, and seek to acknowledge this with a gift from our local PTA.

A monetary gift of $100 will be extended to the retiree. (Rev 4/12 GM)

PTA Committees:

Committee’s are encouraged to meet and exchange ideas during meetings other than monthly general membership meetings. Upon finalization of plans but prior to any contracts or agreements being made, especially in the case of an outside vendor or company, Chairs are required to present plans to the Executive Board. Depending on the circumstance, or when a large monetary value is required, certain items may require a floor vote by Members during monthly meeting. In fulfilling requests not generated by a committee, but by a member in good standing, the same policy applies.

PTA Facebook Page

The Bloomingdale PTA facebook page is a place where parents and community members can come together to share ideas, information and programs that are a benefit to the children and families of Bloomingdale.  It is not a forum for personal differences and grievances and as with meetings, a cordial and respectful atmosphere is expected to be maintained.  Be aware that all posts are monitored and any not fitting this criteria will be removed, at the discretion of the PTA Executive Board (8/12 EB)

Use of School Facilities:

A “School Use” form (available at BOE Office or School Office) must be completed by Committee Chair(s), approved by School Principal(s) and authorized by the Superintendent of Schools prior to any activity.

Availability of date(s) and location is generally on a first come/first serve basis, please prepare as much in advance of activity as possible

General policies are reviewed and approved by the current Bloomingdale PTA Board and amended as deemed necessary.